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A page to track pages that requires fixing as well as a broad roadmap for any new features.


  • Add a section with tips and tricks on how to best use the emulator. We could start our own Help: namespace and use it for all guides and info. Few examples of things that might figure into this section:
    • The difference between per-game settings and global settings. How to identify what is being used and how to access each.
    • Various errors in the log and what each colour means. Explain briefly which ones to ignore and which ones to report.
    • Guide on how to use mouse functionality for either of the joysticks and the controls for sensitivity/deadzones management.
  • Gotta mention no piracy somewhere on this wiki. Probably on the main page itself.



  • Add a compat parameter to accept search terms other than the page name.


  • Get thumbnails working (backend; Ani pls...)

Error Pages

The following categories are maintenance categories that captures game pages with incorrect inputs. The number to the right of each category denotes how many pages are present within such category. Ideally, there should be zero pages within each error category. If you see a page captured below, kindly rectify the errors. Refer to the documentation in each template for guidance. Please note that this list does not cover all possible parameters and errors. You may come across errors in the game page which are not recorded here.

Infobox errors:

Config errors: