InFamous 2

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InFamous 2
Developer(s) Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Series InFamous
Release date(s) NA June 7, 2011
EU June 8, 2011
AU June 9, 2011
JP July 7, 2011
Release type PlayStation 3 exclusive
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) BCES01143 (IRD), BCES01144 (IRD), BCUS98125 (IRD), NPUA80638, NPHA80157, BCES01229 (IRD), BCJS30075 (IRD), BCAS20181, NPEA00318, NPEA00319
NPEA90095, NPEA90096, NPUA70156, NPHA80154
Kiosk Demo
NPUA30070, NPEA00312
Internal resolution 1280x720
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InFamous 2 is an action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 video game console. It is a sequel to the 2009 video game InFamous. Announced on June 4, 2010, the game was released on June 7, 2011.

The story follows protagonist Cole MacGrath on his quest in New Marais to grow powerful enough to be able to face his nemesis, the Beast. Cole possesses electricity-based superpowers which are used in combat and navigating the city. The player is given several opportunities to use these powers for good or selfish purposes in the game's Karma system. The Karma system affects what powers become available, the reaction of the city's populace towards Cole, and the story.


Options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings and provide the best experience with this title are listed below.

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
ZCULL accuracy Relaxed Improves performance.
Multithreaded RSX On Small performance boost.
Asynchronous texture streaming On If your GPU is strong enough to use it, this can give a substantial boost in performance.

Advanced configuration

Setting Option Notes
Sleep timers accuracy As Host Improves performance.
RSX FIFO accuracy Atomic Helps with stability.

Debug configuration

This tab is hidden by default. For instructions on how to enable the Debug tab in the settings window, click here.

Setting Option Notes
Disable ZCull occlusion queries On Slightly improves performance without any noticeable issues.

Known Issues

Special Notes

Mesh Trimming

  • Using resolution scale above 100% will result in culling of polygons in complex models. Small triangles that would not be visible at certain distances at 720p will be culled, affecting most notably the main character's face and NPCs at long distances.


  "Extended FOV":
      "Infamous 2 Demo":
        NPEA90095: [ All ]
    Author: "illusion"
    Patch Version: 1.0
      - [ bef32, 0x0096de14, 0.65 ] # the floats are static but game settings will need "li" instead.

  "Extended FOV":
      "Infamous 2":
        BCUS98125: [ All ]
    Author: "illusion"
    Patch Version: 1.2
      - [ bef32, 0x0096de14, 0.65 ] # the floats are static but game settings will need "li" instead.