Time Crisis: Razing Storm

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Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Developer(s) Nex Entertainment
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Games
Series Time Crisis
Release date(s) JP October 21, 2010
NA October 19, 2010
EU November 5, 2010
Release type PlayStation 3 exclusive
Genre(s) Rail shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
GameID(s) BCES01070 (IRD), BLUS30528 (IRD), BLJS10091 (IRD)
NPEA90078, NPUB90464
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Time Crisis: Razing Storm, known in Japan as Big 3 Gun Shooting, is a compilation of light gun rail shooter video games by Namco.


Options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings and provide the best experience with this title are listed below.

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Write color buffers On In Time Crisis 4, the light is too bright, write color buffer fix this.

Known Issues

  • Issue 11816: Deadstorm Pirates have sound issue, the music may disappear, or maybe the whole sound.

Special Notes