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<includeonly><!--Wikitable-->{| class="vginfobox"
<includeonly><!--Wikitable-->{| class="vginfobox"
! colspan="2" style="font-size:110%; text-align:center; background:#fcfcfc;" | {{#if: {{{title|}}} | ''{{{title|}}}'' | ''{{PAGENAME}}''}}
! colspan="2" style="font-size:110%; text-align:center;" | {{#if: {{{title|}}} | ''{{{title|}}}'' | ''{{PAGENAME}}''}}
{{#if: {{{image|}}} | {{!}} colspan="2" style="text-align:center; background:#fcfcfc;" {{!}} {{{image|}}}}}
{{#if: {{{image|}}} | {{!}} colspan="2" style="text-align:center;" {{!}} {{{image|}}}}}
{{alternating rows table section
{{alternating rows table section

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This template is used on all game pages. When creating a new page, the infobox should be fleshed out with as much information as possible. Most of the general information can be taken directly from wikipedia with minimal fuss, except for images, Wikipedia's cover images are too small to use here. Certain parameters in this template should be used with other templates to display the information effectively (as explained below). For additional guidance, read the documentation present in the respective templates linked.

The template will link or auto-generate categories based on the inputs provided, as well as various maintenance and error tracking categories for incorrect formatting.


The following are the only valid parameters accepted by this template (required entries are in bold):

  • |image = must have the box cover art at the standard size of 300px. Syntax to be used is [[File:filename.ext‎|300px]]. Cover preference order would be: US NTSC, UK PAL, Other PAL, JP, Other.
  • |developer = must include only the developer of PS3 version (for example, the PlayStation Vita version of God of War: Collection was developed by Sanzaru Games, but the PlayStation 3 version was developed by Bluepoint Games, so in this case only Bluepoint Games should be included). If developers differ amongst different regions, the vgregion template may be used to accurately cover the same.
  • |publisher = and |date = must use the vgregion template (for example, the publisher tag in Demon's Souls uses {{vgregion|JP=Sony Computer Entertainment|NA=Atlus USA|AU/EU|Bandai Namco Games}} and date tag in Catherine uses {{vgregion|JP=February 17, 2011|NA=July 26, 2011|EU=February 10, 2012|AU=February 23, 2012}}). For the date parameter, the regions should be in chronological order. Both parameters should only include publishers and release dates relating to the PS3 version.
  • |series = should be included for games that are part of a series with more than one title on PlayStation 3. If a game does not have any other titles from the series on PlayStation 3, do not include this parameter. For example, Red Dead Redemption is part of the "Red Dead" series but no other game from the series is on PlayStation 3. Hence, this parameter shall not be included in its game page.
  • |release = should be used to highlight the exclusivity of a game. Ignore PS Now when deciding the release status in this parameter. Do note, the options for this parameter are CASE SENSITIVE. Only choose ONE of the following options:
    • PlayStation 3 exclusive - Available ONLY on PlayStation 3
    • PlayStation exclusive - Available on PlayStation 3 and other PlayStation consoles
    • Console exclusive - Available on Playstation 3 and other consoles (such as XBox or Wii) but NOT available on PC
    • Multi-platform - Available on Playstation 3 and various other platforms including PC
  • |genre = can be taken directly from Wikipedia but genres combining 2 or more distinct genres need to be split to prevent excessive genres from being created (e.g. "Action-adventure" should be split into "Action" and "Adventure"). Also, only list the "genre", not "genre game" (e.g. "Action" instead of "Action game"). Should be plain text, and not contain wiki/html markup. Use spelling and capitalization from Genres.
  • |modes = should be used to capture the different game modes available in a game. Do note, the options for this parameter are CASE SENSITIVE. You may choose one or more of the following options:
    • Single-player - Allows a single player to play story-mode, arcade mode, etc. offline
    • Co-op - Allows 2 or more players to play offline on a single console either through split-screen or a shared screen
    • Multiplayer - Allows 2 or more players across different consoles to play using LAN or Online
  • |gameid = must use the gameid template (for example, Demon's Souls uses {{gameid|id=BLES00932, BLUS30443, NPEB01202, NPUB30910|ird=Yes}}).
  • |wikipedia = by default, the infobox will automatically generate links to Wikipedia based on the page name. However, where the automatic link does not work, this parameter should be used as below:
    • URL - where the game name and Wikipedia page name are different, the correct URL for the Wikipedia page should be entered (for example, the wikipedia parameter in Catherine uses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_(video_game))
    • NA - in the rare case where no wikipedia page exists for this game (see Find a game that does this)
Warning - this parameter should ONLY be used when the automatic link does not work or a wikipedia page for the game does not exist.
  • |vndb = should be used when the game has a dedicated game page on VNDB. The full URL for the page should be entered in this parameter (for example, the vndb parameter in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star uses https://vndb.org/v15062).
  • |title = should be used only in exceptional cases where the capitalisation of the title of the game differs from the page title (see flOw). The title mentioned in this parameter will also be used for the links to the compatibility list and github issue tracker.


Demon's Souls uses the following syntax:

|image     = [[File:DeS PS3.jpg|300px]]
|developer = FromSoftware
|publisher = {{vgregion|JP=Sony Computer Entertainment|NA=Atlus USA|AU/EU|Bandai Namco Games}}
|series    = Souls
|date      = {{vgregion|JP=February 5, 2009|NA=October 6, 2009|AU=June 23, 2010}}{{vgregion|EU=June 25, 2010}}
|release   = PlayStation 3 exclusive
|genre     = Action, Role-playing
|modes     = Single-player, Multiplayer
|gameid    = {{gameid|id=BLES00932, BLUS30443, NPEB01202, NPUB30910|oid=BCAS20071|ird=Yes}}

Linking to infobox categories

All parameters have their own categories where inputs provided in for each game create relevant sub-categories to index the games. Generally, these inputs will automatically link the game to the respective sub-category. However, for certain parameters (e.g |developer), when providing a new input (e.g. new developer) which is not already present in the category, the resulting sub-category created will have to be manually linked to the parent category.

Please check the infobox categories to see if the input (developer, publisher, series or genre) already exists in a similar name. Do not create unnecessary duplicate sub-categories.

The parameters that need inputs to be manually linked at the time of creation are given below. To link the sub-category to the parent infobox category, simply paste the infobox category link as provided below in the new sub-category created.

  • |developer - [[Category:Developers]]
  • |publisher - [[Category:Publishers]]
  • |series - [[Category:Series]]
  • |genre - [[Category:Genres]]

For example, see sub-category made for adventure genre.

Attribution and re-use

This template (along with its documentation template) has been adapted from Dolphin Emulator Wiki released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.