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This template provides a simplified way to use thumbnails of images uploaded to this wiki. It automatically uses the standard thumbnail size and position used on this wiki. The template can also be used for show multiple images in a gallery.


{{ image | Filename | Caption | Filename | Caption | Filename | Caption }}

  • Filename - the name of the image file (with extension) uploaded to the wiki (e.g. "myfile.png").
  • Caption - a brief description of the image which will show up below the thumbnail. Caption is mandatory for every image.

When uploading multiple images, the template will automatically adopt a gallery strip format with a consistent height amongst all images. If the width exceeds the screen size the gallery will automatically break to 2 lines. Also, do note that captions entered will not automatically truncated. Hence, do not post excessively long captions for the images.

Since this template will primarily be used for screenshots of issues, only a maximum of 10 images can be displayed using a single reference of this template. Any number of images beyond 10 will simply be ignored.


Standard - Only one image


Multiple images - The images will display as a gallery strip with a common border