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This template is used on all game pages under the ==Configuration== sub-header. The purpose of the template is to capture deviations in configurations from the default settings to be used for the emulator for each game. Hence, while using this template in the game pages, only options which deviate from the default settings are to be recorded.

Mandatory vs. recommendatory settings

Before using this is template, it is imperative to understand the distinction between mandatory settings and recommendatory settings.

  • Mandatory settings - Settings without which the game would not work (for example, Write Color Buffers for Demon's Souls) or will significantly degrade performance.
  • Recommendatory settings - User specific settings which will improve the overall gaming experience based on the hardware available. For example, a higher option can be used for Anisotropic Filter and Resolution Scale if the user's hardware is capable of handling the additional load whereas some settings such as "Preferred SPU threads" should be used for better performance with weaker CPUs.

Given the nature of the options available, it is not feasible to capture all permutations of settings for each game using this template. Hence, only mandatory settings shall be listed in the game pages using this template. To know which recommendatory setting would be most appropriate, kindly read the guidance available for each setting in the default settings page. RPCS3 is alpha stage emulator and hence user will have to experiment with the recommendatory settings to optimise their gameplay experience.


Below is the syntax of the template. This template must be present for all game pages irrespective of whether any non-default configurations are necessary. Where the game only requires default settings, the template should simply be used without any parameters.

|parameters =


The following are the only valid parameters accepted by this template. Unless mentioned otherwise, choose only one of the options mentioned for each setting. For any setting which deviates from the default configuration, an additional note may be given if required using the notes extension to highlight any necessary information.

CPU configuration

|ppu decoder                           = Interpreter (static), Interpreter (dynamic), Recompiler (LLVM)
|ppu decoder notes                     = 
|spu decoder                           = Interpreter (static), Interpreter (dynamic), Recompiler (ASMJIT), Recompiler (LLVM)
|spu decoder notes                     = 
|preferred spu threads                 = Auto, Single digit between 1 to 6 (e.g. 3), Range between 1 to 6 (e.g. 1 - 3)
|preferred spu threads notes           = 
|thread scheduler                      = Operating System, RPCS3 Scheduler, RPCS3 Alternative Scheduler
|thread scheduler notes                = 
|enable spu loop detection             = On, Off
|enable spu loop detection notes       = 
|spu xfloat accuracy                   = Accurate, Approximate, Relaxed
|spu xfloat accuracy notes             = 
|spu block size                        = Safe, Mega, Giga
|spu block size notes                  = 
|tsx instructions                      = Enabled, Disabled, Forced
|tsx instructions notes                = 

GPU configuration

|renderer                              = OpenGL, Vulkan, Disabled
|renderer notes                        = 
|graphics device                       = This option is used only with Vulkan renderer to select the graphics card to be used by 
                                         RPCS3 when multiple eligible cards exist. Do not use this parameter on game pages.
|graphics device notes                 = 
|aspect ratio                          = 4:3, 16:9
|aspect ratio notes                    = 
|framelimit                            = Off, 50, 60, 30, Auto, PS3 Native, Infinite
|framelimit notes                      = 
|anisotropic filter                    = Auto, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x
|anisotropic filter notes              = 
|anti-aliasing                         = Auto, Disabled
|anti-aliasing notes                   = 
|zcull accuracy                        = Precise, Approximate, Relaxed
|zcull accuracy notes                  = 
|shader quality                        = High, Low, Auto
|shader quality notes                  =
|3d rendering mode                     = Disabled, Anaglyph, Side-by-side, Over-under
|3d rendering mode notes               = 
|default resolution                    = 1920x1080, 1280x720, 720x480, 720x576, 1600x1080, 1440x1080, 1280x1080, 960x1080
|default resolution notes              = 
|resolution scale                      = Value between 50% to 800%
|resolution scale notes                = 
|resolution scale threshold            = Value between 1 to 1024 in the format 16 x 16
|resolution scale threshold notes      = 
|output scaling                        = Nearest, Bilinear, FidelityFX Super Resolution
|output scaling notes                  =
|shader mode                           = Legacy (singlethreaded), Async (multithreaded), Async with Shader Interpreter,
                                         Shader Interpreter only
|shader mode notes                     = 
|write color buffers                   = On, Off
|write color buffers notes             = 
|strict rendering mode                 = On, Off
|strict rendering mode notes           = 
|vsync                                 = On, Off
|vsync notes                           = 
|stretch to display area               = On, Off
|stretch to display area notes         = 
|multithreaded rsx                     = On, Off
|multithreaded rsx notes               = 
|asynchronous texture streaming        = On, Off
|asynchronous texture streaming notes  = 

Audio configuration

|audio out windows                     = Cubeb, XAudio2, Disabled
|audio out windows notes               = 
|audio out linux                       = Cubeb, FAudio, Disabled
|audio out linux notes                 = 
|audio format                          = Stereo, Surround 5.1, Surround 7.1, Automatic, Manual
|audio format notes                    = 
|dump to file                          = On, Off
|dump to file notes                    = 
|convert to 16-bit                     = On, Off
|convert to 16-bit notes               = 
|volume                                = Value between 0% to 200%
|volume notes                          = 
|enable buffering                      = On, Off
|enable buffering notes                = 
|audio buffer duration                 = Value between 20ms to 250ms
|audio buffer duration notes           = 
|enable time stretching                = On, Off
|enable time stretching notes          = 
|time stretching threshold             = Value between 0% to 100%
|time stretching threshold notes       = 
|microphone type                       = Disabled, Standard, SingStar, Real SingStar, Rocksmith
|microphone type notes                 = 

I/O configuration

|keyboard handler                      = Null, Basic
|keyboard handler notes                = 
|mouse handler                         = Null, Basic
|mouse handler notes                   = 
|camera input                          = Unknown, EyeToy, PS Eye, UVC 1.1
|camera input notes                    = 
|camera settings                       = Null, Fake, Qt
|camera settings notes                 = 
|move handler                          = Null, Fake, Mouse
|move handler notes                    = 

Network configuration

|network status                        = Disconnected, Connected
|network status notes                  = 
|psn status                            = Disconnected, Simulated, RPCN
|psn status notes                      = 

Advanced configuration

|debug console mode                    = On, Off
|debug console mode notes              = 
|accurate llvm dfma                    = On, Off
|accurate llvm dfma notes              = 
|accurate getllar                      = On, Off
|accurate getllar notes                = 
|accurate rsx reservation access       = On, Off
|accurate rsx reservation access notes = 
|accurate spu dma                      = On, Off
|accurate spu dma notes                = 
|ppu llvm accurate vector nans         = On, Off
|ppu llvm accurate vector nans notes   = 
|ppu llvm java mode handling           = On, Off
|ppu llvm java mode handling notes     = 
|silence all logs                      = On, Off
|silence all logs notes                = 
|sleep timers accuracy                 = As Host, Usleep Only, All Timers
|sleep timers accuracy notes           = 
|maximum spurs threads                 = Unlimited, Single digit between 0 to 5 (e.g. 3)
|maximum spurs threads notes           = 
|firmware libraries                    = Switch to LLE, Switch to HLE
|firmware libraries notes              = Mention the libraries to be manually selected here
|read depth buffers                    = On, Off
|read depth buffers notes              = 
|write depth buffers                   = On, Off
|write depth buffers notes             = 
|read color buffers                    = On, Off
|read color buffers notes              = 
|handle rsx memory tiling              = On, Off
|handle rsx memory tiling notes        = 
|disable on-disk shader cache          = On, Off
|disable on-disk shader cache notes    = 
|disable vertex cache                  = On, Off
|disable vertex cache notes            = 
|allow host gpu labels                 = On, Off
|allow host gpu labels notes           = 
|rsx fifo accuracy                     = Fast, Atomic, Ordered & Atomic
|rsx fifo accuracy notes               = 
|driver wake-up delay                  = Value between 0 to 7000
|driver wake-up delay notes            = 
|vblank rate                           = Value between 1 to 500
|vblank rate notes                     = 
|vblank ntsc fixup                     = On, Off
|vblank ntsc fixup notes               = 
|clocks scale                          = Value between 10 to 1000
|clocks scale notes                    = 

Debug configuration

|disable zcull occlusion queries       = On, Off
|disable zcull occlusion queries notes = 
|force cpu blit emulation              = On, Off
|force cpu blit emulation notes        = 
|force gpu texture scaling             = On, Off
|force gpu texture scaling notes       = 
|hook static functions                 = On, Off
|hook static functions notes           = 
|accurate ppu 128 reservations         = Always Enabled, Disabled, Value between 1 to 8
|accurate ppu 128 reservations notes   = 
|ppu thread count                      = Value between 1 to 8
|ppu thread count notes                = 

Recommended patches

|highly recommended patch              = Mention patch names
|highly recommended patch notes        = 
|recommended patch                     = Mention patch names
|recommended patch notes               = 


Demon's Souls - Standard

<!-- CPU configuration -->
|preferred spu threads                 = 3 - 4
<!-- GPU configuration -->
|renderer                              = Vulkan
|write color buffers                   = On

Options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings and provide the best experience with this title are listed below.

CPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Preferred SPU threads 3 - 4

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Renderer Vulkan
Write color buffers On

Find a game that does this - When the game only uses default settings


No options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings are recommended for this title.

Attribution and re-use

This template (along with its documentation template) has been adapted from Dolphin Emulator Wiki released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.