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Motorstorm valley is playable online with no be whitelisted on dns PSORGrevival server

Motorstorm pacific rift dns active

Modnation racers

Modnation racers, the dns to which the link was put is no longer active

The dns entered does not allow online play and no online functionality , the link is useless , I hope it is understandable

Gran turismo 6

Gran turismo 6 is online again

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge Testing


Tested NG3RE in Shadows of War with Ninetime and we were able to see the lobby, join it and play a round together with minimal lag or glitching. At the post game screen I was unable to quit, but Ninetime was able to (Maybe because Ninetime was host?). I force quit RPCS3, but we both kept our exp and stats from the game that we played. Still need to test Coop Trials.

I recommend updating the wiki to show that NG3RE can "Create/Join Lobbies", "Match with others", and has "Online features working". For notes section I would add: "Clients cannot leave lobby after finishing game"

Battlefield 1943

Playable in netplay

Resistance 2

further progress on Resistance 2.

The Private and Public Betas are both actively being worked on as they have different features available to the player such as:

    • Parties** - Private Beta, not functional in Public Beta via UI.
    • Ranked Matches** - Public Beta ***Only***
    • Co-Op** - Private/Public Beta
    • Offline capable** - Public Beta ***Only***
    • Clans** - Dead domain, encrypted over port 443 HTTPS
    • Stats/Leaderboards/Profile** - Dead domains, already reversing the files for that, later versions of Resistance 2 have these encrypted?

Both have the same functionality to create games, but unfortunately will take more time to reverse as it seems to communicate with a Middle-Man subserver.

Psorgrevival server

Connection Setup: Set your primary DNS: and your secondary DNS: