Silent Hill Downpour

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Silent Hill Downpour
Developer(s) Vatra Games
Publisher(s) NA Konami
EU Konami
Release date(s) NA March 13, 2012
EU March 30, 2012
Release type Console exclusive
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Horror
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) BLES01446 (IRD), BLUS30565 (IRD)
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Silent Hill: Downpouris the latest Silent Hill game offering the familiar Survival Horror gameplay delivered in the most defined visual quality to date. The game also expands on the exploration theme of the franchise both design-wise and through psychological torture, ambient story, horrific enemies and self-evaluative questions of despair.

Murphy Pendleton has been incarcerated for several years, having had his sentence extended once already. Due to his history at Ryall State Prison, he is being transferred to nearby Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary—but a freak accident cuts the journey short. Waking up in a forest next to the wrecked bus, Murphy has a clear shot at freedom. He makes his way into the sleepy town of Silent Hill where mysterious locals welcome him into a slowly developing personal hell.


No options that deviate from the default configuration are recommended for this title. The full list of default options is available here.

Known Issues

There are no reported issues with this title.

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PPU-11f50d10f4626cdd59837e2fe44b701a9d9bfeac: # SHGAME.SELF
  Unlock FPS:
      "Silent Hill Downpour":
        BLES01446: [ 01.01 ]
        BLUS30565: [ 01.01 ]
    Author: illusion
    Notes: "Removes 62FPS limit.\nMaximum framerate with the patch is half the Vblank frequency."
    Patch Version: 1.0
      - [ be32, 0x002A1250, 0x60000000 ]