Plants vs. Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies
Developer(s) PopCap Games
Publisher(s) Sony Online Entertainment
Release date(s) NA February 8, 2011
Release type Multi-platform
Genre(s) Tower defense
GameID(s) BLUS30852 (IRD), NPEA00271, NPUA30059
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Options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings and provide the best experience with this title are listed below.

CPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Preferred SPU threads 1 - 3 Lower values can improve performance on CPUs without many cores, otherwise use Auto

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Framelimit Auto If FPS goes over 60 the intro videos will stop you from going ingame.
Default resolution 1920x1080 This is a native 1080p PS3 title
Resolution scale 100 Increasing this doesn't do much as the game is based around 2D Sprites, stick with 100%
Write color buffers On Fixes icons missing for some of the seed packets

Advanced configuration

Setting Option Notes
Maximum SPURS threads 3 Can help performance on low core-count CPUs, otherwise use unlimited
Firmware libraries Switch to LLE libvdec.sprx - required to fix an error about unsupported interlaced video

Known Issues

There are no reported issues with this title.

Special Notes