Medal of Honor: Frontline

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Medal of Honor: Frontline
Developer(s) EA Los Angeles
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series Medal of Honor
Release date(s) October 12, 2010
Release type Console exclusive
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
GameID(s) NPEB00327, NPEB00308, NPEB00348, NPUB30288
Internal resolution 1280x720
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Medal of Honor: Frontline is a first-person shooter set in the European Theater of World War II. It is the fourth installment in the Medal of Honor series. Frontline developed and published by Electronic Arts, and was released for the Sony PlayStation 2 on May 28, 2002, and for the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox on November 10, 2002. A remastered version was released on the PlayStation 3 on October 12, 2010, as part of the Tier One and Limited Edition of the new Medal of Honor.

In Frontline, the player takes on a first person view and fights as an American OSS operative in D-Day. There are six missions in Frontline, each made up of several smaller levels. Briefings take place at the start of each mission, which advance the plot and introduce new characters.


No options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings are recommended for this title.

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