Lollipop Chainsaw

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Lollipop Chainsaw
Developer(s) Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher(s) JP Kadokawa Games
NA/EU/AU Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release date(s) NA June 12, 2012
AU June 13, 2012
JP June 14, 2012
EU June 15, 2012
Release type Console exclusive
Genre(s) Action, Hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) BLES01525 (IRD), BLUS30917 (IRD), BLJS10125 (IRD), NPJB00273, BLJS10125, NPJB00273
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Lollipop Chainsaw is a comedy horror video game that features a collaboration between game designer Suda51 and filmmaker James Gunn. The game follows Juliet Starling (voiced by Tara Strong), a cheerleader zombie hunter fighting hordes of zombies in a fictional California high school. Juliet can use melee attack, dodges and high and low attacks with her chainsaw. Zombies can be beaten into a groggy state, during which they can instantly be killed with a chainsaw attack. Gold medals can be earned by defeating zombies, smashing objects and rescuing classmates. These medals can be spent at Chop2Shop.zom stores found throughout each level where Juliet can purchase new moves and combos, as well as items that can increase her stats. Throughout the game, Juliet can also collect lollipops which allow her to recover health.


Only options that deviate from the default configuration to ensure best performance are listed below. The full list of default options is available here.

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Renderer Vulkan Recommended to get the best performance.
Anisotropic filter Auto Changing to anything other than Auto causes graphical issues.
Resolution scale threshold 256 x 256 To be set if resolution scaling is used. Fixes red artifacting in shadows.
Write color buffers On To be enabled if resolution scaling is used. Fixes discoloration in certain scenes.

Advanced configuration

Setting Option Notes
Vblank rate 120 120 for 60FPS or 240 for 120FPS.
To be enabled along with the FPS patch.

Debug configuration

This tab is hidden by default. For instructions on how to enable the Debug tab in the settings window, click here.

Setting Option Notes
Force CPU blit emulation On To be enabled if resolution scaling is used. Fixes discoloration in certain scenes.

Known Issues

There are no reported issues with this title.

Special Notes

FPS unlock patch

Thanks to Whatcookie, an FPS Patch is available for this title. Be sure to set the appropriate Vblank rate as mentioned above.