Help:Wiki Conventions

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This is a generalized outline of how things are done here on the RPCS3 wiki. These conventions are meant to guidelines, instructions, and help for those new to the wiki. These guidelines will continue to evolve as the wiki grows, and this page will be updated periodically to reflect the changes that have occurred.

Contributions are always welcome on the wiki. Our mission is to be the best resource for accurate and up-to-date RPCS3 information. Everything on the wiki is built around that goal. As such, pages, problems and everything else on the wiki is aimed at the very latest development release, updating and changing based on what goes on with development. Furthermore, accuracy matters, and anything that can be reproduced is favored, and subjective information is avoided.

To get started, please visit the Help section that contains a list of articles aimed to address most problems that users may face and provide valuable information regarding RPCS3 and this wiki.

Creating or Updating Game Articles

Instructions on how to create new pages for games that are not present in this wiki and updating information in existing pages can be found here.

Using Talk Pages

Instructions on properly use talk pages in this wiki can be found here.


All pages and templates of this wiki are written using wiki markup. Consult the Users' Guide for information on using the wiki software and text markup. Do familiarise yourself with the various markups present in formatting and links help pages. The best way to get up to speed with the formatting is to read other pages in the wiki. When in doubt, feel free to use the talk page found in the discussion tab above the page title. Please adhere to the specific markup requirements for the talk pages mentioned below.


If two editors are changing things back and forth in a disagreement, they need to STOP and head to the talk pages. The wiki is entirely open, anyone can edit it, so disagreements need to be settled with communication and compromises.