Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.jpg
Developer(s) Polyphony Digital
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Series Gran Turismo
Release date(s) JP December 13, 2007
AU March 27, 2008
EU March 28, 2008
NA April 15, 2008
Release type PlayStation 3 exclusive
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, Co-op, Multiplayer
GameID(s) BCUS98158 (IRD), BCES00104 (IRD), BCKS10030 (IRD), NPUA80075, BCJS30017 (IRD), BCAS20027 (IRD), NPEA00050, NPHA80025
Special Event Version
BCED00393 (IRD)
Concept Movie
Internal resolution 1280x1080
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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (グランツーリスモ5 プロローグ, Guran Tsūrisumo 5 Purorōgu) is a 2007 racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a precursor to Gran Turismo 5, in celebration of the series' 10th anniversary.

This game introduced the ability to race with up to 16 cars at once to the Gran Turismo series. According to game developer Polyphony Digital, the NPC's AI has also improved from previous Gran Turismo games.


No options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings are recommended for this title.

Known Issues

Lighting issue

  • Issue 11912: The track and scenery intermittently doesn't get illuminated correctly causing everything to appear as if was in shadow. This only affects the bumper-cam view, other cameras are unaffected.

Special Notes

Secret Menu

This menu allows for various aspects of the game to be adjusted, such as unlocking all (or limiting) cars or courses available, setting time limits, and other features. It was most-likely intended for in-store displays and public kiosks, given the available options.

To access it, go to the game's Options, scroll down to the Miscellaneous category, and while holding down L1 and R1, input
Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Right, START and the Secret category will appear.

Netplay testing

For the complete list of games tested with RPCN, please check the RPCN Compatibility List.

Game Version RPCS3 Version Connects? Create/Join lobbies? Match with others? Online features working? Requires custom servers? Notes
Spec 1 & 3 N/A No No No No Not available Servers were shut down in 2011.