Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
Developer(s) Koei Tecmo
Publisher(s) Koei Tecmo
Release date(s) Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
JP September 5, 2013
NA September 3, 2013
EU September 6, 2013
AU September 26, 2013
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
JP February 19, 2015
NA February 17, 2015
EU February 20, 2015
Release type Console exclusive
Genre(s) Fighting
GameID(s) BLES01907 (IRD), NPJB00411, NPUB31289, BLUS31216 (IRD)
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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (abbreviated to DOA5 Ultimate or DOA5U) is a fighting game in the Dead or Alive series, developed by Team Ninja, and released by Tecmo Koei for the PlayStation 3 in September 2013. It was followed by an Arcade edition later in 2013. It is the first arcade game to be released by Koei Tecmo since Dead or Alive 2 Millenium in 2000.

DOA5 Ultimate is an expanded edition of 2012's Dead or Alive 5, incorporating some features from the PlayStation Vita's Dead or Alive 5 Plus as well as additional content, including five characters that are new or returning to the series (including two Ninja Gaiden characters), a comprehensive story mode, as well as gameplay system tweaks and expansions, many of them in the online multiplayer tag team mode (including an introduction of two-on-two tag team battles). The game received generally favorable reviews.

A free-to-play cut version of DOA5 Ultimate, titled Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters, was released on the PlayStation Store alongside the retail game. The arcade edition Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Arcade was released on 24 December 2013, distributed by Sega. 5 Ultimate was followed by Dead or Alive 5 Last Round in 2015.


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