TRON: Evolution

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TRON: Evolution
Developer(s) Propaganda Games
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Release date(s) December 7, 2010
Release type Multi-platform
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
GameID(s) BLES00761 (IRD), BLES00925 (IRD), BLUS30457 (IRD)
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Tron: Evolution focuses on acrobatics and combative gameplay where the player's movements are heavily parkour-influenced. The game also features light cycle races. Each cycle leaves a light trail that can destroy or derez any enemy. Tron Evolution's biggest feature is it's persistent character progression system, that lets players earn new levels and unlock new upgrades, both in multiplayer and singleplayer.

As of October 2019, the PC version of the game can no longer be installed or played due to the game's use of SecuROM DRM, which stopped providing authentication servers after Disney revoked their service subscription.


No options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings are recommended for this title.

Known Issues

Graphical issue

  • Issue 11122: Excessive amounts of bloom occur in versions of RPCS3 since 0.0.17-12650

Special Notes