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<!-- GPU configuration -->
<!-- GPU configuration -->
|renderer                            = Vulkan <!-- OpenGL, Vulkan -->
|renderer                            = Vulkan <!-- OpenGL, Vulkan -->
|renderer notes                      = Recommended for getting the best performance.
|renderer notes                      = Recommended to get the best performance.
|aspect ratio                        = <!-- Auto, 4:3, 16:9 -->
|aspect ratio                        = <!-- Auto, 4:3, 16:9 -->
|aspect ratio notes                  =  
|aspect ratio notes                  =  

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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Developer(s) Kojima Productions
Publisher(s) Konami
Series Metal Gear
Release date(s) June 12, 2008
Release type PlayStation 3 exclusive
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Stealth
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) BLES00246 (IRD), BLJM67001 (IRD), BLUS30109 (IRD), NPEB02182, NPUB31633
NPEB90116, NPJB90149, NPUB90176
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Only options that deviate from the default configuration to ensure best performance are listed below. The full list of default options is available here.

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Renderer Vulkan Recommended to get the best performance.

Known Issues

- Freezes/softlocks The game is very unstable and will frequently crash within seconds even when using SPU LLVM & Accurate Xfloat Off. The most stable settings are currently ASMJIT Recompiler under SPU, though you'll get no sound and reduced performance.

- No audio When using anything other than SPU LLVM Recompiler and Accurate Xfloat OFF, the game will have no/some sound only.

Special Notes