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There are currently two methods to use the mouse movement with games on RPCS3. The first is where games have native support for Keyboard+Mouse and the second is manually mapping your mouse to controller buttons in the Keypad handler.

Using mouse in games with native support for Kb+M

Note: For this to work, the game must natively support the Keyboard+Mouse set-up. This is only present in a handful of titles on the PlayStation 3.
  1. Select Settings
  2. Select I/O Tab
  3. Set Mouse Handler to Basic

Manually map mouse to controller buttons

If you wish to map the mouse movement to buttons in the keyboard pad handler,

  1. Ensure the Mouse Handler in the I/O Tab of the Settings menu is set to Null
  2. Open the Pad settings
  3. Set Pad Handler to Keyboard
  4. Click on one of the Right Analog’s directional buttons, then click-and-hold, while moving the mouse in the appropriate direction. Do this for all four buttons.
Or alternatively, you can also map the mouse to any other button(s).

However, since console games are usually not designed with a mouse-controlled camera in mind, game developers usually utilize custom deadzones and use custom acceleration multipliers for the analog stick. These settings can modified in the Pad settings menu. It is also possible to tweak these variables with handy keyboard shortcuts as shown below:

Native deadzone = the game's own deadzone
multiplier = multiply the raw mouse movement before adding the deadzone value (default is 2.0).
Description Axis Increase Decrease
Change native deadzone x-axis Alt + T Alt + Y
y-axis Alt + U Alt + I
Change multiplier x-axis Alt + G Alt + H
y-axis Alt + J Alt + K

This means you have to increase this value depending on your game. This is not an added deadzone to our input, but rather a bypass for an existing one. So if the game has a deadzone of 60 and ours is 50, we will have to move the mouse by at least 10 points per input. This also means that end-users will have to manually find the best settings on their own, matching both their games’ internal settings and their mouse’s sensitivity. Do note that with the sticks’ max. speed value being capped to 255, and games usually utilizing other techniques (such as directly changing the camera angle on reaching certain locations or auto-following the character), many titles will simply never respond the same way a regular PC game would with native mouse support. These games will either need a more robust solution or mods for this functionality to be ironed out further.