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-->{{#vardefine:tl_vgre_regions|{{#regex:{{#var:tl_vgre_regions}}|/AU/|[[:Category:Australia (Release region)|AU]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Australia (Release region)]]}}}}}}<!--
-->{{#vardefine:tl_vgre_regions|{{#regex:{{#var:tl_vgre_regions}}|/AU/|[[:Category:Australia (Release region)|AU]]{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Australia (Release region)]]}}}}}}<!--
--><small><sup>{{#var:tl_vgre_regions}}</sup></small> {{{2}}}<br><!--
--><small><sup>{{#var:tl_vgre_regions}}</sup></small> {{{2}}}<br><!--
-->|[[Category:Unknown/invalid (Release region)]]}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{vgregion/doc}}</noinclude>
-->|[[Category:Unknown/invalid (Release region)]]}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{/doc}}</noinclude>

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This template is used in conjunction with vginfobox template to summarize release date information for computer or video game articles when multiple regions are present. Where no region segregation is present, do NOT use this template.


{{vgregion | region = date or publisher }}

Shortened region name. See below for regions guide.
It is also possible to combine multiple regions in this parameter, for release dates which are the same between several regions -- e.g. EU/NA, however it uses a | instead of = between the region and the date, like this: {{vgregion|NA/EU|December 5, 2001}}.
Release date in Month DD, YYYY format. Example: November 12, 2011.
Name of the publisher for the region mentioned.


The following parameters may be specified to display release dates for multiple regions in a single call. The order cannot be changed, so if the list is out of chronological order separate calls have to be created.

Japanese release
North American release
European release
Australasian (Australia and New Zealand) release

Examples for publishers

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice - Standard

{{vgregion|JP=Nippon Ichi Software|NA=NIS America|EU=NIS Europe}}

JP Nippon Ichi Software
NA NIS America
EU NIS Europe

Catherine - Call separated to workaround a rare bug where the publisher (such as Atlus USA) whose name is an extension of another publisher (such as Atlus) of the same game will be ignored and the publisher with the shorter name is linked twice

{{vgregion|NA=Atlus USA}}{{vgregion|JP=Atlus|EU=Deep Silver|AU=QV Software}}

NA Atlus USA
JP Atlus
EU Deep Silver
AU QV Software

Demon's Souls - Combined regions

{{vgregion|JP=Sony Computer Entertainment|NA=Atlus USA|AU/EU|Namco Bandai Games}}

JP Sony Computer Entertainment
NA Atlus USA
AU/EU Namco Bandai Games

Find a game that does this - Multiple Combined regions

{{vgregion|JP/NA|Publisher 1}}{{vgregion|EU/AU|Publisher 2}}

JP/NA Publisher 1
EU/AU Publisher 2

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten - Substitute for when the WW region is used in Wikipedia. The idea is to use specific region tags as far as mentioned and use a combined parameter for the balance regions.

{{vgregion|JP=Nippon Ichi Software|NA/EU/AU|NIS America}}

JP Nippon Ichi Software
NA/EU/AU NIS America

Examples for date

Catherine - Standard

{{vgregion|JP=February 17, 2011|NA=July 26, 2011|EU=February 10, 2012|AU=February 23, 2012}}

JP February 17, 2011
NA July 26, 2011
EU February 10, 2012
AU February 23, 2012

Demon's Souls - Call separated to maintain chronological order

{{vgregion|JP=February 5, 2009|NA=October 6, 2009|AU=June 23, 2010}}{{vgregion|EU=June 25, 2010}}

JP February 5, 2009
NA October 6, 2009
AU June 23, 2010
EU June 25, 2010

Find a game that does this - Combined regions

{{vgregion|JP=September 15, 2016|NA/EU|April 4, 2017}}

JP September 15, 2016
NA/EU April 4, 2017

Find a game that does this - Multiple Combined regions

{{vgregion|JP/NA|September 15, 2016}}{{vgregion|EU/AU|April 4, 2017}}

JP/NA September 15, 2016
EU/AU April 4, 2017

Attribution and re-use

This template (along with its documentation template) has been adapted from Dolphin Emulator Wiki released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.