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This template is designed to be used in conjunction with the |gameid parameter of the vginfobox template using {{gameid|id = GameID1, GameID2, GameID3}}. This template will allow every game ID mentioned in the infobox to be linked to its respective forum thread.

As shown below, in case the game IDs for a game need to be distinguished from each other, the template can be used twice with breaks added in between.


Demon's Souls - Standard

{{gameid|id=BLES00932, BLUS30443, NPEB01202, NPUB30910}}

Catherine - Call separated to distinguish the regular IDs from the demo version

{{gameid|id=BLUS30428, BLES01459, NPUB30698, NPEB00875}}<br/>'''''Demo'''''<br/>{{gameid|id=NPUB90645}}