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I feel as if some settings need better descriptions or proven valid on Modern builds of RPCS3.

  • v1.08 has no effect on performance on my PC making the following invalid

Don't update the game as it lowers performance significantly! If you've already updated you can revert to the original version by going to "dev_hdd0\game" inside RPCS3's folder, and deleting the folder matching your GameID for Red Dead Redemption (e.g BLUS30418)

  • None of these settings do what they claim. Maybe Improve the descriptions?

Sleep timers accuracy - As Host - Improves performance with no noticeable issues ZCULL accuracy - Relaxed - Improves performance with no noticeable issues SPU block size - Mega - Improves performance with no noticeable issues

  • This last thing seems outdated from recent MSAA changes.

Anti-aliasing - Disabled - Improves performance but makes foliage look worse

I am following and leaving my POV out of the discussion and ask that you do too. My only aim is to call for changes I know I can not change without discussing with someone. --Darkhost (talk)

This discussion is now closed, as confirmed by Darkhost. I won't be deleting it as Talk pages should show a history of conversations that occurred. --HerrHulaHoop (talk) 11:02, 27 November 2022 (UTC)