Resistance: Fall of Man

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Resistance: Fall of Man
Developer(s) Insomniac Games
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Series Resistance
Release date(s) JP November 11, 2006
NA November 14, 2006
EU March 23, 2006
AU March 31, 2006
Release type PlayStation 3 exclusive
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Co-op, Multiplayer
GameID(s) BCAS20003 (IRD), BCES00001 (IRD), BCUS98107 (IRD)
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Resistance: Fall of Man is a 2006 science-fiction first-person shooter video game for the PlayStation 3. It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is set in an alternate history 1951, and follows Sergeant Nathan Hale as he and the human resistance forces attempt to drive a mysterious alien-like invasion out of the United Kingdom.

Resistance: Fall of Man is a first-person shooter set in an alternate history. Many of its gameplay features stem from this, most notably the weapons. Some weapons are based on real weapons circa the 1950s, while some weapons are futuristically altered in accordance with the game's storyline. Insomniac Games has combined its passion for creating exotic weapons and vehicles, such as those found in the Ratchet and Clank series, with its proprietary development engine and physics system to create unique human and Chimeran weaponry. Each weapon provides a unique play style and strategy.


Only options that deviate from the default configuration to ensure best performance are listed below. The full list of default options is available here.

Advanced configuration

Setting Option Notes
Vblank rate 120 To be used in combination with Whatcookie's "Unlock FPS" patch which will allow the game to run at 60FPS.

Known Issues

Resistance: Fall of Man uses a lot of VRAM which will lead to crashing. As such here is a list of maximum usable resolution-scaling values that will reduce crashes, however the VRAM usage will continue to rise during the campaign if played in a single session.

Highest Recommended Resolution Based on Available VRAM

4GB GPU = 125% Scaling

5GB+ GPU = [Users with GPUs of greater VRAM capacity are encouraged to investigate and contribute to this section.]

11GB GPU = 175% Scaling (200% got past the tank in the "A Lone Survivor" mission but eventually crashed during the "Path of Least Resistance" mission)

Special Notes

Unlike other titles with large VRAM usage, anti-aliasing has a very marginal impact on video-card memory in Resistance: Fall of Man. Whether or not the game uses enough VRAM to crash is predominantly decided by resolution scaling. Users can leave "Anti-Aliasing" on "Auto" because of this but careful users might want to set it to "Disabled" for peace of mind.


PPU-0cc2ddc637def2fe22b5e89563f773e4c0cae024: # Resistance game.self (not EBOOT.BIN)
  Unlock FPS:
      "Resistance: Fall of Man":
        BCUS98107: [ All ]
        BCES00001: [ All ]
    Author: Whatcookie
    Notes: Maximum framerate with the patch is half the Vblank frequency. Without the patch, adjusting Vblank frequency increases the maximum framerate up to about 33FPS or 60FPS depending on the scene.
    Patch Version: 1.0
      - [ be32, 0x001e5db0, 0x60000000 ]
      - [ bef32, 0x00678ed0, 0.00416666  ] # set minimum timestep size