Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Series Kingdom Hearts
Release date(s) JP March 14, 2013
NA September 10, 2013
AU September 12, 2013
EU September 13, 2013
Release type PlayStation exclusive
Genre(s) Action, Role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) BLUS31212 (IRD), BLES01897 (IRD)
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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix includes both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Re:Chain of Memories in high-definition and with trophy support. Additionally, the collection features a cinematic remake of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, including high-definition cutscenes from the original game plus new scenes; the 358/2 Days cinematic also has trophy support. Ideas for a remastered collection of Kingdom Hearts games were first revealed in August 2011, with the collection formally announced in September 2012. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, in addition to being created from the ground up due to lost assets from the original game, had the most adjustments made to its gameplay, including adding Reaction Commands first introduced in Kingdom Hearts II and allowing the camera to be moved with the right thumb stick.

A second collection, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, was released in 2014 while a third collection, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2017. 1.5 Remix was released in a single, combined collection with 2.5 Remix on the PlayStation 4 in March 2017.


No options that deviate from the default configuration are recommended for this title. The full list of default options is available here.

Known Issues

Freezes and Crashes

The opening scene for the game upon starting a new file will freeze and leave a black screen at the end. To fix, rename the OPN.pam in "PS3_GAME\USRDIR\KH1Movie\en" to something else.

The game may commonly crash if trying to load Kingdom Hearts from the game select menu. To avoid this, boot Kingdom Hearts or RE:COM through their .self files.

Audio Issues

All audio (BGM, voice acting in cutscenes, sound effects, etc) may randomly stop from time to time, especially if an area is entered. To fix this, set Preferred SPU Threads to one. Do not use the Precise interpreter with this game, as it cause severe audio stuttering.

Genie Jafar and Atlantica Loading

To properly load both (as graphical issues will occur otherwise), enable Write Color Buffers, Strict Rendering Mode and use original 720p resolution. Otherwise, disable them if not fighting Genie Jafar or if not in Atlantica.

60 FPS Hacks

Using a 60 FPS hack with the game will cause crashes during trinities and some specific areas. Disable the hack before activating trinities. The game will also crash during Halloween Town's lantern elevators or grave doors if using a 60 FPS hack.

Missing Part of Sora's Face

A graphical glitch will occur where parts of Sora's face will be missing. To fix, disable Use GPU Texture Scaling. Enabling it otherwise may cause freezes, anyway.