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This guide explains how to obtain update PKGs for your PlayStation 3 (PS3) games and then install them on RPCS3 as well as how to easily install multiple update PKGs for a game at once. It will also teach you how to uninstall these updates and game data for digital games (as in how to delete your digital games from RPCS3).

Downloading and installing update PKGs for games

You can get the update files for your games using a tool called Rusty-PSN made by RainbowCookie. The tool is available for Windows and Linux. A CLI version of it is also available in the repository if that's what you'd prefer to use. This guide will cover how to use the GUI version of it.

  1. Download from here, extract it, then run the exe.
  2. Get your Game Serial (right click your game in RPCS3, select Copy Info, then Copy Serial) and paste it in the search box in Rusty-PSN's GUI. Click Search for updates or hit Enter.
  3. Click the Download all button to download all the PKGs at once, or if you only need specific versions of the game, download them individually by clicking the Download file button under each of the listed PKG.
  4. To install these update PKGs, go to File → Install Packages/Raps in RPCS3's GUI, then select the PKGs, or simply drag & drop them on RPCS3's window.


  • You have to install the updates for games in the order they were released in. i.e. if you want to go from 1.00 to 1.03, you'd have to install 1.01, 1.02, & then 1.03. Updates are incremental.
  • By default the downloaded PKGs are saved in a folder named after your Game Serial in Rusty-PSN's folder, you can set your own download path in the app settings.
Screenshot of Rusty-PSN's GUI.

Installing multiple update PKGs

Some PS3 games tend have multiple update PKGs and it can be a hassle having to install the PKGs for them one at a time. Here's how to easily install multiple update PKGs at the same time for such games:

  1. Select all the update PKGs you downloaded for the game.
  2. Drag & drop them on RPCS3's window.
  3. Rearrange them with your mouse in the order they were released in, then click Install to proceed.
Here's how it looks like after you have drag & dropped the update PKGs on RPCS3's window.

Removing game updates/game data

If you would like to delete the update PKGs you installed for a game or uninstall your digital games (PSN copies/DLCs) then follow the steps below:

  1. In RPCS3, click View in the top menu bar, then Game Categories, then check mark Game Data.
    1. If you cannot select this option, make sure your game list is set to List mode, not Grid mode.
  2. You will now see your games as well as their game data listed in the GUI as individual entries.
  3. Right-Click on an entry you'd like to delete, then select Remove Game data (Tip: take a look at the category of an entry before deleting it so you know you're deleting the correct one, the ones belonging to "PS3 Game Data" category are what you're looking for).


  • If you're trying to delete update PKGs for a digital game then you must delete the game itself and re-install it from its PKG file. This only applies to digital games.