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This is a page meant to address common questions and issues faced by users.

Running VSH in RPCS3

To run VSH (otherwise known as XMB, the PS3's graphical user interface) currently you need this special build. You also need to make the following changes in the Configuration tab:

CPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Firmware settings Manually load selected libraries Deselect every module in the Firmware Libraries menu

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Write color buffers On

Debug configuration

Setting Option Notes
Force CPU blit emulation On
Debug console mode On

After this, select File > Boot elf/self... and select /dev_flash/vsh/module/vsh.self

Enabling Debug tab

To enable RPCS3's debug tab in the settings window,

  1. Navigate to:
    RPCS3\GuiConfigs on Windows
    ~/.config/rpcs3/GuiConfigs on Linux
  2. Open CurrentSettings.ini with a text editor
  3. Change showDebugTab=false to showDebugTab=true