God of War: Collection

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God of War: Collection
Developer(s) SCE Santa Monica Studio, Bluepoint Games
Publisher(s) JP Capcom
NA/EU/AU Sony Computer Entertainment
Series God of War
Release date(s) NA November 17, 2009
JP March 18, 2010
AU April 29, 2010
EU April 30, 2010
Release type PlayStation exclusive
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) God of War HD
NPEA00255, NPUA80490, NPJA00061
God of War II HD
NPEA00256, NPUA80491, NPJA00062
God of War: Collection
BCES00791 (IRD), BCUS98229 (IRD), BCES00800 (IRD), BLJM60200, BCAS20102, NPJA00066
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God of War Collection is a remastered port of God of War and God of War II. It is the first game under Sony's line of "Classics HD." The collection features high-definition 720p anti-aliased graphics at 60 frames per second and Trophies. The port was produced as a result of feedback from fans of the series and was viewed as a means of introducing new players to the series before God of War III was released. A second collection, God of War: Origins Collection, was released in 2011.


Only options that deviate from the default configuration to ensure best performance are listed below. The full list of default options is available here.

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Framelimit 60 Game speed is tied to 60FPS. So a cap is necessary to avoid speedup, and a locked performance of 60FPS is required to stop the game from slowing down.

Known Issues

In certain areas, the game will suffer from extreme screen tearing, attempting to remedy this with Vsync will result in unplayable micro stuttering. And changing framerate caps appear to have no effect. This problem is consistent across different displays and is especially noticeable on 60Hz displays.