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"Netplay" values

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gamever   1.00
connect   Yes
lobbies   Yes
matching   Untested
features   No

Online game-play works. Can create and join lobbies, send/receive invites and find specific lobbies via Custom Match. PSN Leaderboard is broken. Tested with 6 players. Please note it is suggested to close and re-host a lobby if a player leaves the session to clear any RPCN errors. Host Log Guest Log

To get the DLC working, remove duplicate character entries and fix missing text/sprites/textures...
Follow these instructions on How to get DLC working.
Port Forwarding/Open NAT Type or VPN is suggested for online play.
Check this site for a basic How-to on Port Forwarding. UDP 3658 on your IPv4 address for Port Forwarding.
VPN is only suggested for those without Router access.
UPnP could also be used but is generally less-secure.