Beyond: Two Souls

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Beyond: Two Souls
Developer(s) Quantic Dream
Release date(s) NA October 8, 2013
EU October 9, 2013
Release type Multi-platform
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
GameID(s) BCAS25017 (IRD), BCES01121 (IRD), BCES01122 (IRD), BCES01123 (IRD), BCUS98298 (IRD)
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Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama and action-adventure game, developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was originally released on October 8th 2013 for the PlayStation 3, later being re-released for the PlayStation 4 on 24 November 2015. The game features Jodie Holmes, one of two player characters. The other is an incorporeal entity named Aiden: a separate soul linked to Jodie since birth. Jodie, possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to Aiden, growing from adolescence to adulthood while learning to control Aiden and the powers they share.


Options that deviate from RPCS3's default settings and provide the best experience with this title are listed below.

GPU configuration

Setting Option Notes
Write color buffers On Fixes some lighting issues

Advanced configuration

Setting Option Notes
Driver wake-up delay 200 Can help with random freezing issues

Known Issues

Due to the amount of shaders that need compiling at first launch, the intro, and some cutscenes, some textures may be missing or not rendered correctly. This issue will be resolved on all successional launches.

Special Notes